The New Engine is Finally Welcomed Properly

Thursday, July 14th, the local fire companies came to pay their respects to the latest truck in the Alpha arsenal of firefighting equipment, our brand new Pierce Impel PUC Engine. The company worked very hard, and over a number of years to bring this essential piece of equipment to the community, in an effort to better protect and serve the residents of Alpha Borough. We are incredibly proud of it, and were more than happy when our brother fire companies decided to help us celebrate as only fireman can! A Huge Thanks is due to Ex- Chief Charles Bodogh Jr, Chief Sean McDyer, and the many officers and firefighters that worked tirelessly with Town Counsel to purchase this new truck and protect the town we hold so dear. Finally, thanks to the residents and businesses that call Alpha home, for continually supporting the fire company and donating their hard- earned money that helps to ensure that essential equipment is on-hand to protect their businesses, homes, and family.

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